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You're About To Learn What Really Works When It Comes To Instagram Marketing

  • Get the recipes to grow your follower base, find relevant Instagram users, engage (meaningfully!) with your people and create fabulous-looking posts.
  • Leverage visual storytelling. Tell your brand’s story in a compelling way that gets the right people to your site.
  • Learn how to access the thriving economy inside of Instagram’s low-clutter, business-friendly environment.

Let us help you “fall in love” with Instagram and it’s 300 million active users.

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Did you know that Instagram generates higher average orders than Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter?

Yep. You read that correctly. Ecommerce giant Shopify touts the impressiveness of this feat. Especially since Instagram’s traffic comes from only one source -- the link in your bio -- the only clickable link.

Source: Shopify

YOU can drive higher quality traffic to your site by leveraging the many benefits of an Instagram presence.

But how? With the myriad social networks out there it's difficult to know where to put your efforts. Who to listen to. What to do with your valuable time and energy. You've had a hunch that Instagram is something special (it's got Facebook's pocket book behind it!), but you're not sure how to leverage your presence on the platform or how to get your follower base to grow.

Imagine your product being worn, plugged and promoted (for free!) by a top Instamommy (with, let's say, a cool 5,000 or 24,000 dedicated loyal followers). What would that kind of exposure and visibility to your target market do for your business?

Imagine, the exploding numbers of traffic to your website and the additional rush of sales that would follow. This. Is. Possible. Instagram is powerful and we challenge you to find more loyal, active or engaged followers, elsewhere.

Instagram Offers Brands Almost 60 Times As Much Engagement As Facebook

In a recent study conducted by Forrester Research, Instagram posts generated a per-follower engagement rate 58 times higher than Facebook posts — and 120 times higher than Twitter posts. You can see the study here: goo.gl/aXlMaE

“If your brand is looking for social engagement — and if you’re not finding it on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks — you should start using Instagram today.”

“Your Instagram Picture, Worth a Thousand Ads”

- says nytimes-30

Now marketers from companies like Burberry, Holiday Inn and Nike are trying to leverage the visual Internet to reach a young generation of consumers that increasingly gravitates toward media in the form of images. Source: The New York Times

You have a story to sell and you too can create this sort of traction.

We’d love to help you find and connect with your “Connected Customers.”

Digital analyst and anthropologist Brian Solis puts it plainly: Connected customers are growing. Traditional customers are fading.

  • They are 3x as likely to follow a brand over a family member in social networks
  • 66% will look up a store if they see a friend check-in
  • No longer can we blame it on the youth. We must blame, if anything, the disruption of technology.

The problem is …

  • Traditional marketing practices are not only aging, they’re becoming liabilities
  • Your competitors are realizing that connected consumers are a different breed
  • If you do not change direction, you WILL lose market share
  • Without vision, purpose, direction, or meaning, new channels (like Instagram) are merely conduits for old ideas and tactics

The 3 Segments of Consumerism

Source: The End of Business as Usual, BrianSolis.com

Inspired by: What’s the Future of Business?, WTFbusiness.com

If we can do it, You can do it

As “new media pioneers,” we’ve been teaching business owners, government agencies and their communications teams, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs how to use social networks to their advantage since 2009.

At the time, Rochelle was a Corporate Communications Director and Chelsey was a Competitive Cheer Coach. We had “day jobs.” No pre-existing list of contacts. No business website. We taught purely because we’re passionate about the potential of what we were seeing and experiencing, and the connections and relationships -- waiting to be built -- on these networks.

All thanks to the wonderfully kind and brilliant people we met through social media:

  • Our very first tweetup became Orange County’s largest, to date! We packed the venue and the video on YouTube has 30,000+ views
  • Our first LIVE event drew more than 700 attendees with another 600+ that watched online. Google “O.C. Social Media Summit” to learn more
  • We’ve garnered oodles of media coverage (front page!), and seen as “experts” in this field -- we give comments frequently for articles about new media trends and efficiencies
  • We’ve been tapped by one of the country’s largest, most powerful and prestigious landowners -- to promote their world-class, luxury properties … all thanks to our loyal community of connections, our influence, reach, and know-how of new media technologies
  • Opportunities to speak on stages around the country

And the list of personal and professional benefits from being active in the “socialmediasphere” goes on. We now have a thriving and successful business with more opportunities than we can handle. Again, all thanks to social media and the wonderful people who comprise these networks -- especially, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

If we can launch our business powerfully and effectively online with no pre-existing list of contacts, no website and for relatively little money, YOU CAN TOO.

This step-by-step online course is for anyone that owns a business, works on a communications team (for a corporate or non-profit organization), has a personality brand, has a cause to promote, or simply loves Instagram and wants to use it more effectively.

  • A simple, very user-friendly online course that breaks down the process of getting setup on Instagram -- and what to do once you're there.
  • Each video lesson is crafted so it's a manageable amount of information that is easy to take action with immediately. You can watch at your own pace. Do as many or as few lessons as you're ready for, and implement as you go.
  • Instead of hiring expensive graphic designers to add logos to your pictures or create graphically professional posts, we'll show you our shortcuts. Our secrets for how to make stunning and polished content that you can use not only for your Instagram account, but your Facebook pages and/or Twitter accounts, as well.

What you will learn inside of the course ...

*Each module has between 5 to 8 video trainings.

You’re also about to receive these VALUABLE BONUSES
worth an additional $1,297

Bonus #1
Top Performing Apps Directory

No need to weed through the clutter-filled world of apps. Use only the best. This powerful directory connects you with apps that work like your own high-performing graphic design artist. It’s like hiring an employee for less than $15, total!

Bonus #5
“Brand Personality” Discovery Sheet

Unearth elements of your brand’s online personality to create guidelines that anyone on your team can use to post on behalf of your company. Retain one brand voice. Continuity in your written style, verbiage and preferences, all with this easy checklist of helpful “online personality” traits and considerations.

Bonus #2
Comprehensive “Getting Started” Checklist

This valuable checklist breaks down exactly how to get started -- and what you will need before you sit down to do it. Make getting started quick and painless, yet thorough.

Bonus #6
Guaranteed Lifetime Access

You will always have access to this information. Spend your time enjoying, learning from and applying the curriculum versus saving and archiving it for posterity. We give you our Content Quality Guarantee that you will always have access to these educational resources.

Bonus #3
“Welcome to Instagram” Visual Tour Guide

Feeling lost on Instagram? Not sure where to get started? This visual tour guides and informs about the oh-so important home screen, and walks you through each section’s purpose and functionality.

Bonus #7
Free Updates

Instagram makes changes to its platform every few months. Some changes are big, some changes are small. Either way, you will be kept up to date with helpful tutorials and bonuses so you can be at ease about your investment—it’s the gift that keeps on giving. And you don't have to worry about keeping up with everything yourself.

Bonus #4
Hashtag Brainstorming Worksheet

After watching Module 3 and getting our 3 Signature Strategies to make you Instafamous with Hashtags, you’ll be an expert on hashtags -- and empowered to use them profusely in your Instagram marketing efforts. Use this handy worksheet to brainstorm various categories of tags for your business and brand. Connect with the right people on Instagram to sell more of your products and services, and launch your presence online.

Your satisfaction is our top priority, 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back.

Social Media Impact Secrets is a digital product. After payment is complete, you will gain access to the members-only area with your unique login and contents of the course.

"Chelsey was able to take our Instagram account from 500 followers to over 5,000. Thanks to her techniques we now have a thriving and active community on Instagram that supports the goals and initiatives of the entire Daniel Plan movement."

Dee Eastman
Dee Eastman Director, The Daniel Plan
@TheDanielPlan on Instagram

"Rochelle & Chelsey gave me quick and simple lessons on how people used Instagram and optimizing hash tagging to increase search results. This enabled my content to be found by a wider audience, including several influential accounts who shared and promoted my media, which led to several explosions in follower count."

Albert Lam
Albert Lam Creator of DisneyPhotoblography.com
@DisneyPhotoblography on Instagram

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

  • q-iconHow do I access the classes?

    After payment is complete, you will get an e-mail with unique login and password information to access the members-only class portal. Inside, you will find all bonuses and instructional videos neatly organized into 6 modules. Social Media Impact Secrets is a digital product.

  • q-iconHow long are the training videos?

    Each instructional training video has been designed with YOU in mind. The information is bite-sized and manageable. You get “action steps” that are easy to implement at the end of each video. Length ranges from 5 to 20 minutes.

  • q-iconHow long will it take me to complete the course?

    The course has been designed for you to “go at your own pace.” If you have an event or product launch upcoming, feel free to go through the materials faster. Or skip ahead to the portions that interest your most OR address your most urgent needs. We recommend 1 module per week = so you can digest and implement the material.

  • q-iconI’ve never taken an online course before; what can I expect?

    You’re about to receive access to a “treasure trove” of videos that will walk you step-by-step through EXACTLY what you need to do. There is much to be learned about Instagram and having two friendly, helpful guides makes it so much easier. If you need extra help or want to work with Rochelle and Chelsey through one-on-one coaching please reach out to our team at Support@SisterActMedia.com and we’d be happy to set that up for you.

The experts weigh in:

The Veturis sisters recently showcased the power of Instagram for one of our clients. Their dynamic approach drew more than 10 million social media impressions, led to a front-page story in a regional newspaper and created significant positive buzz.

Bill Rams
Bill Rams Principal, Cornerstone Communications

First a word of Warning! If you are going to have anything to do with Rochelle and Chelsey, put your skates on! They are leaders in a new breed of business people. Entrepreneurial, Creative, Social Influential and singularly honest, open and caring. These ladies understand how to get your brand, business or cause rapid meaningful exposure on a strategic and tactical level.

Dean Power
Dean Power New Media Strategy | Digital Producer | Community Engagement | Content Strategy

Rochelle delivered a fantastic Social Media Marketing seminar. Everyone in attendance was WOWED!! The depth of her knowledge, I am still trying to wrap my mind around! The Social Media Landscape is so new to most people and the fact that she has not only figured it out - but can explain it in such an understandable and friendly way is priceless!!! Rochelle IS the new face of Social Media.

Gina Johnston
Gina Johnston Adobe & Microsoft Certified Trainer, Social Media Strategist, New Horizons Computer Learning Center

Rochelle is an incredible person who is helping so many offline businesses and organizations see the true potential of Social Media and online opportunities. Her workshops, seminars and courses are fantastic. She is able to take someone with absolutely zero experience and in little time, make them a Social Media PRO! Thank you Rochelle for your attention to detail, charismatic personality, and your vast knowledge of emerging trends with the Internet!

James Wedmore
James Wedmore Video Marketing Advocate & Author of The YouTube Marketing Book

I had the pleasure of attending a recent social media program conducted by Rochelle. It was extremely impressed with the agenda and content and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to meet and learn from someone who not only has a passion but a mastery of the subject. She is an excellent instructor who engages and inspires her students by showcasing concrete examples that she has implemented herself. Real results of how multiple social media platforms can supplement traditional public relations programs. I look forward to implementing her ideas and discovering the exciting results.less

Cheryl Bame
Cheryl Bame Principal, Bame Public Relations

Social Media Impact Secrets includes a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee

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In addition to the 100% satisfaction guarantee, Social Media Impact Secrets includes over $1,297 worth of bonuses and advanced training. You're invited to dive into the curriculum risk-free, and if for any reason you don't feel this course is for you, we will refund your money.

The Facts Don’t Lie

  • Instagram Posts Perform 58 x Better Than Facebook & 120 x Better Than Twitter
  • Instagram Generates Higher Average Orders Than Any Other Social Site
  • 1.76 billion People To Own and Use Smartphones -- Up More Than 25% Over Last Year
  • Instagram is the First Social Network Born Mobile -- Mobile Devices Account for 30% of All Web Traffic
  • Regardless of Age, US Consumers Are Connecting With Content on Instagram More Than Ever -- Connected Customers Are Growing. Traditional Customers Are Fading

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Social Media Impact Secrets is a digital product. After payment is complete, you will gain access to the members-only area with your unique login and contents of the course.

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